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This will be my recipe & homemadey remedy diary.

If you have those 'OMG! It's lunchtime and all I've got is a parsnip and a packet of boil in the bag rice.' moments, then you're a kindred spirit and you know that bad planning is often the mother of great food. So welcome to fast slurpy soups and 'really?' salads made from what's left in the fridge.

Never, ever believe there isn't something wonderful to make from the last 3 ingredients in your kitchen. Unless those ingredients really are fairy liquid, eggshells and dead flies.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mean Bean Feast

The night before the Tesco chap is due is always a challenge round our house, and last night the fridge divvied up eggs, left over mashed sweetpotato and butternut squash and half an onion... Perfect for a whipped tortilla - but there wasn't a fresh bit of green in the place.

To the Freezer!
There nestled, under an emergency, bought pizza and a stack of quorn products (partner's eldest is a committed vegetarianist) I spotted a small bag of baby broad beans and another of soya beans... Hurrah hurrah - tonight we feast! If you think you don't like broadbeans - think again. I'm not talking about the monsterous things with horrid, milky blue-grey suits we used to get fed when we were kids. These are tender, baby greenies - that you shell before you scoff...

Easy Bean on Bean Action

1 mug of soy beans
1 mug of baby broad beans (shell them* - yes do it, do it)
Half an onion chopped
The rind and juice of half a lemon
10 olives roughly chopped
Small red chilli chopped
Big generous nob of butter (or oil if you prefer, or a mixture if you're being cheffy)

Put it together and what have you got?

Gently sweat the onions in the butter until they are soft and a bit see thru. Meanwhile you can shell your broadbeans, drain the water, add your soya beans to the beany bowl and pour some fresh water from the kettle over them.

Drain them once more and tip your beans into the pan with the onions. Add the lemon rind and jiggle them all about continuing to cook them gently. After about 5 minutes add the lemon juice. Continue cooking for another 3 - 5 mins, I like them al dente. Add the olives and chilli at the end to warm through.

Salt and Pepper to taste if you like it. Beans Done...

*To shell beans from the freezer - pour boiling water from the kettle onto your beans and wait a few moments for the beans to bring the temperature down enough to stick your hands in. Now gently squeeze out the beautiful bright green beans and drop their overcoats into a second bowl. It really doesn't take long and if you've got kids - they love doing it... Wash hands first!

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