Post Image Here's what I made up the other day in an effort to avoid work... You need to choose a day you are pottering about at home - there's a lot of tooing and froing to the freezer and the real beauty of this little experiment is that there's extra bunce.

You have to beat the mixture hard and often - so a) you can take out your frustrations on it while creating a really delicious pud and b) you'll use a few calories up while you make it. 

No, no! No need to thank me. I live to please. 
Read on for the recipe

Quick, Quick! Rush out and get...

0% Fat Greek Yoghurt (I used a small tub + 1/2 tub of full fat because that's what I had in the fridge)
Frozen berries
Mini meringues

You also need:
  • A biggish tub lets say about twice the volume of the yog you use. (I have a few old Yoo Moo tubs, I luvs it I do).
  • A hand whizzer.
  • Wooden spoon & a metal spoon.
What shall we do now Luli? 
  1. Scrape the yoghurt into your tub and put it straight into the freezer. You'll be getting it out a few times to beat the ice crystals by hand, and with the whizzer when you get a bit tired and it gets soft enough to use it. You can put it in the food processor each time but this is major faff.
  2. Set aside a big handful of your frozen berries - I like piggy portions. Let these defrost. Meanwhile go out to play for an hour. Do some gardening maybe? Think of the pro points.
  3. After about an hour take the tub out and beat, mash and bash the freezing yoghurt, don't worry about it softening up again - you're aim is to make the yogurty goodness smooth. Stick it back in the freezer.
  4. Repeat the process a couple of times and before it all gets too freezy to be workable add the berries and whizz and beat them into the mixture. 
  5. The trick is here to do this as often as you can be bothered so the ice crystals are bashed smooth.The more you take it out and beat it - the better the finished desert will be.
  6. For the last mash-up crumble in some meringues - I used 3 mini bought ones, because that's what I had in the cupboard - chaque as sont gout, innit?
I planned to pop another handful of berries in the microwave then crush them mercilessly before slushing them over a few generous tablespoons of my lovely freezy pink puddin'.

Have a go - I'm thinking you'd also make a fancy treat if you used mango, or pineapple. 

Oh one thing to note - you might have to warm your spoon in a cup of hot water to get scoopy, it does set quite hard.  

UPDATE: You will need to pop it on the side for a little while so it softens up enough to scoop out of the tub - it being home madey - there isn't anything in it to prevent the freezy really taking control - and it goes solid! I think you could use vodka or gin which would make it boozy and non-diety but it might keep the mix a bit softer?

If I had a proper scoopytool my pud would look eggsactly like the pic, which I nicked - terrrue x