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These are the recipes I'm good at... quick, simple, out of the store-cupboard and onto the plate fare. I never spend more than 30 minutes faffing in the kitchen. So there.

This will be my recipe & homemadey remedy diary.

If you have those 'OMG! It's lunchtime and all I've got is a parsnip and a packet of boil in the bag rice.' moments, then you're a kindred spirit and you know that bad planning is often the mother of great food. So welcome to fast slurpy soups and 'really?' salads made from what's left in the fridge.

Never, ever believe there isn't something wonderful to make from the last 3 ingredients in your kitchen. Unless those ingredients really are fairy liquid, eggshells and dead flies.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Oat Milk Smoothie

What a beautiful day! I yomped across the park to the supermarket to load up on veggies. I spotted a new product in the non-milk, milk section. It's called Oatly and it comes in organic and non-organic options. The organic option is just oats, water and a pinch of salt for £1.48 or 2 for £2.00. The jolly nice people at Oatly also informed me that the oats accounted for 10% of the ingredients.

I figure with just a pinch of salt - that would give me 90% water!

So I also thought I'd have a go and make my own. Turned out really well. I use Flahavan's organic oats - but I'm quite sure nothing horrid would happen to you if you went ahead and used regular old oats.

YOIKS! So sorry - posted this at stoopid O'clock and got the measurements wrong. I doubt it killed ya - and I also doubt you were making fake Oatly at 2am in the morning. I also forgot to mention I put a squeeze of maple syrup into mine... It's all sorted. Let's move on shall we?

Ingredients to make your own Oat Ly with knobs on...

1/4 cup oats
1/4 cup cashew nuts
21/4 cups water (I used bottled - but filtered would be just as lovely)
1 teaspoon maca powder
1 heaped teaspoon good dark cacao powder
squeeze of maple syrup (or other sweetner you like)

Method | such as it is
Sling all the ingredients into a high speed blender - Go Go Optimus Prime!

Jack that sucker up to the max - and blend until creamy and smooth...
  • You could add narna if you want a thick shake.
  • You can even sling in some spinach for some green happy. 
  • Or skip the cacao and go straight for the spirulina for the maximum green buzz!
This is a dairy free happy juice wonderment!


  1. Thanks guinessisgreat! In the meantime my good pal Lee Lee tells me that soaking your oats in the jug overnight is the go for extra wonderful digestion porpoises. Deffo if you don't have a grade A killer blender like Optimus Prime!